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We now have the new YL Family 3.2 Program ready! We have upgraded from the 3.0 version to be more compatible with the newer operating systems, and we’ve added new features! If you have a 3.0 version, you are welcome to continue to use it, but we no longer have downloads available for that version. Note for Mac users *** YL Family Program 3.0 version DOES NOT WORK on MacOS 10.12 Sierra ***.

About this program:

  • Versions are available for MAC and PC
  • You can use the program on as many computers as you want, MAC and PC
  • No other software is required other than the software that came with your computer
  • Offers extensive sorting and find criteria
  • Navigates easily throughout your downline in a logical and intuitive fashion
  • Displays vital information for all members of your group
  • Identifies ways you can grow and manage your Young Living Business
  • Captures inactive people purged by Young Living

This program will help you:

  • Identify and support your leaders
  • Identify which groups need help and communicate with them easily
  • Understand how to maximize your group’s growth, structure, and leadership
  • Generate and print reports for downline leaders
  • Print mailing labels for specific groups
  • Print an address and phone list for anyone in your group
  • Enjoy simple email communication with your downline family
  • Print labels for anyone who doesn’t have email
  • Identify and compare the activity and enrollment percentages of your leaders
  • Identify the people who missed a check by not ordering or had insufficient order amounts
  • Increase your group volume by communicating with your active and inactive people
  • Keep detailed and date stamped notes on each person
  • Quickly identify leaders and graphically show their monthly growth
  • Have the information you need to build leadership, and increase your percentage of activity
  • Communicate with your entire downline in new and creative ways

What’s new in the version 3.2:

  • Updated to be compatible with the latest MAC and PC Operating systems.
  • ER history: ER history is now displayed in the History report.
  • %ER - Percent of “People in Group” with ER. This is displayed on Standard View, Detailed View and History Report.
  • On reports, only the number of records found is printed, not the total number of records of your organization. This allows printouts of reports not to disclose the size of your organization.
  • Mac version is a “Developer Signed” installer and program as required by newer versions of the MacOS.
  • Backup: Now backup is offered after each Import. Also if there is a problem finding the Backup folder then a File Dialog is offered for the user to select the a location and name for the backup.
  • Member Number: The fields to display the Young Living member numbers have been adjusted to display larger values.
  • Volume Totals: Some fields have been adjusted to display larger values.
  • Changed Missed Check calculation to use $100 instead of $50.
  • New Achievement Level only indicates for achievements of Star and above.
  • Screen Zoom: On Standard View is now a text labeled button instead of the funny Mountain Icon.

Free Users (Demo Mode):

The YL Family DB Program is available FREE to everyone with less than 50 people in their downline group.

To use the program in free (DEMO) mode, download the program and when it asks you for your registration code, it will also give you the option of using the program in DEMO mode. Click the DEMO button and continue.

If you have more than 50 people, and you would like to “test drive” the program, you can use it in free (DEMO) mode, and it will read in the first 50 records of your downline data file, allowing you to evaluate the program before purchasing.

Once your group is over 50 people, you can choose to order the program and upgrade with a registration code to be able to read in all records of your downline data file and see the rest of your information.

Upgrade Instructions:

Instructions from 3.0 to 3.2 are provided under the Support tab on this web page.