Technical Support

Installation & Upgrading:

We are happy to help you with installation. We have created detailed Step-By-Step installation and upgrade instructions. After following or trying to follow these instruction, if you are still not successful please contact Chuck Palmer at [email protected] or 303-718-4792. In emails, please include your phone number. Most problems can be quickly resolved. If however your problem becomes more involved, which means that it takes longer than 15 minutes and the problem is not a problem with the “YL Family Program” then Extended Technical Support would apply.

Program Usage:

We encourage everyone to review the on-line instructions and downloadable Users Guide for your instruction.

Registered program users will have access to our phone training classes and have access to installation and training support.

For example, once your program is up and running, and you need help finding a specific group or specific information, we can probably help you!

Free and Demo user training and installation support is available through our website at, and via email. We ask that upline leaders help support the free users in their groups.

Please contact: Vicki Opfer
[email protected]

Extended Technical Support:

If you need extended help, or help with your computer (rather than the program): computer technical support is also available from Chuck Palmer, author of the program, for $125/hr, by calling 303-718-4792 or email at [email protected].