What’s new in Version 3.2 of YL Family Program

For upgrading users, many of the new features, improvements and bug fixes will NOT be displayed until AFTER an “Import Records” is preformed. Either a new Downline Data File or re-importing the current Downline Data File.

New Features

ER history: ER history is now displayed in the History report.

%ER - Percent of “People in Group” with ER. This is displayed on Standard View, Detailed View and History Report.

On reports, only the number of records found is printed, not the total number of records of your organization. This allows printouts of reports not to disclose the size of your organization.

Mac version is a “Developer Signed” installer and program as required by newer versions of the MacOS.


Backup: Now backup is offered after each Import. Also if there is a problem finding the Backup folder then a File Dialog is offered for the user to select the a location and name for the backup.

Member Number: The fields to display the Young Living member numbers have been adjusted to display larger values.

Volume Totals: Some fields have been adjusted to display larger values.

Changed Missed Check calculation to use $100 instead of $50.

New Achievement Level only indicates for achievements of Star and above.

Screen Zoom: On Standard View is now a text labeled button instead of the funny Mountain Icon.

Bug Fixes:

Demo Mode: Fixed problem where after a crash the program would default to Demo Mode.

Date / Time format: Fixed problem where non-USA users would always be prompted to choose Date / Time format when starting program.

No One Found bug: Fixed problem where some users after a Find where “No people were found” would then be return to Standard View but NOT on their own record.

New Person with New Achievement Level: Fixed a problem where a New Person would not display a New Achievement Level if warranted.

Highest Achievement Level used to display “Past” Highest Achievement Level, now displays Highest Achievement Level including current month.